Biggest Winner 2014 Recap

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What an awesome ride it has been. I would have to say it has been the smoothest Biggest Winner to date. I put this down to the past contestants guiding the new guys around and assisting with how Biggest Winner works. So I would like to thank you for your help in this.

10 weeks ago we started off with 170 people coming in for their first weigh –in. Some were nervous some excited and some just wanting to get started on their journey.

During the program we had weight loss, weight gains and then weight loss again. There were cms lost and clothes sizes dropping.  The changes in body shape was jaw dropping. People went from saying I will never run to completing 3 laps of Collina without stopping, guys going from 4 push-ups to 45 push-ups, boxing I saw dolly punches in the first week now I wouldn’t get in the ring with you. In kettlebells some started out with 6kg bell now you’re and punching out sessions with the 12kg, Zumba going from 2 left feet to joining the girls upon stage and the list keeps on going.

I have seen friendships establish and grow. At the start you could hear a pin drop in the classes… now I have to dish out burpees to stop the talking!

Lets not forget the weekly challenges… Biggest Winners had a great time Kayaking, trying out Karate, bush walking, moving bricks, riding bikes and playing soccer. They completed 10km fun runs and have even trudged through mud and scaled walls. Would you have 10 weeks ago would you have even considered this?

Hopefully over the past 10 weeks valuable tools were gained through the weekly newsletter, which included Jen’s awesome meal plans found Mel’s nutrition talks useful and liked our Facebook page full of encouragement and information about clean eating.

As I have always stated this is the start of a journey not the end. Keep it going. You and your body deserve it.

Thank you to everyone who was part of the Biggest Winner 2014.



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