LiveFit's Russell Marchment taking the InBody Scan

Have your Body Composition Analysed

Have your Body Composition Analysed If you’re pursuing a training or weightless program then the InBody 230 Body Composition Analysis could be for you. It accurately measures your body composition in less than a minute and tells you your muscle mass and body fat mass throughout your arms, legs and trunk. It becomes an imperative tool by showing […]

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How To Beat Those Winter Blues!

Are you finding it harder and harder to get up in the mornings ?! The dark and cold affects everyone but here’s some tips to get you up and going!! Go to bed at a normal time- this might mean skipping your favorite TV show but at least you’ll get your 8 hours!! You’ll thank […]

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Biggest Winner 2014 Recap

          What an awesome ride it has been. I would have to say it has been the smoothest Biggest Winner to date. I put this down to the past contestants guiding the new guys around and assisting with how Biggest Winner works. So I would like to thank you for your […]

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BOOKING IN: Spin, Crossfit and Pilates

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR SPIN, CROSSFIT & PILATES: HOW TO BOOK IN (Choose 1 of 3 ways): 1. In Person 2. By phone – 69645849 or 3. By email – BOOKINGS CAN BE MADE for the following weeks class, once the class has finished. (The book in folder will not be made available until class […]

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LiveFit Member Renee meets Commando!

One of our LiveFit members Renee Curphey has met “Commando” and let us shared her story. Renee has been accepted to join the Australian Army and was invited to meet Steve “Commando” in Canberra a few weeks ago. Half your luck Renee! Renee leaves to start with the Army in March this year. He spoke […]

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