10 Reasons Your Workout Could Be Failing You


Are you eating right, exercising and not getting the results you are after? Check out some of these suggestions that might get you back on track:

  1. You haven’t changed your routine in months- Your body may need a new challenge, try adding some variety to your workout.
  2. Your technique is holding you back- technique is vital to ensure fast results and prevent injury. Ask for help if your not sure!!
  3. Your weights are too heavy- this can compromise your form and increase risk of injury.
  4. Your weights are too light- your form will be correct but you wont see any significant improvements in strength or tone.
  5. You are exercising too often- your muscles need at least 48 hours rest to recover and repair so it is important to target different muscles and combine cardio with strength training!
  6. You give up to easily- stick with it!! The results will come.
  7. You stop exercising as soon as it hurts- to get results you have to push your body past its currant threshold!
  8. You forget to stretch! Stretching will prevent muscle stiffness and soreness while also giving your body a long lean shape!
  9. Your diet is letting you down- Try to load up on nutrient dense foods that are low in calories but also be aware of hidden sugars and fats in sauces and dressings.
  10. You compare yourself to others- what works for someone else may not work for you! Make sure you do what is right for you!!

TIP: If you always stop once you feel the burn or are out of breath then you will never improve on your results. Push hard and you will achieve that body you have always dreamed for.




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