Compound Metcon

Compound Metcon

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Compound Metcon is a training session for our Athletes looking for more of a challenge than Compound HIIT.

Here you will find the more complex movements such as Pull-ups, Box Jumps, Double-Unders along with all our other favourites in the cardio, gymnastic and Olympic lifting family.

Each workout is different. In our Workout of the Day, you will find a mixture of AMRAPS, For Time, Tabata and EMOMS. There will also be a variety of heavy days, sprint days, effort workouts and grind workouts.

We will also generally focus on a compound lift from either of the Push, Pull or Squat series. The workouts range between 10 – 30min. This is a Fantastic Pathway Class. If you want more of a challenge than Compound HIIT and aren’t quite up to Compound Benchmark then Compound Metcon is for you.


A challenging workout and a great pathway to Compound Benchmark. 


50 minute class


Beginner – Advanced

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