Our Coaches

COACH KENNY [Matt Kenny]

Coach Kenny first learnt about CrossFit in late 2012. Once he had a taste – he was hooked and CrossFit was added to the services provided at LiveFit under the banner CrossFit Griffith.


Coach Kenny began coaching CrossFit in early 2013. Qualifications include Cert III & IV in Fitness  Level 1 CrossFit Training, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Gymnastics plus recent CrossFit Kids Course Training.


Previous to CrossFit, Coach Kenny’s regular classes included Bootcamp, Kettlebells and Circuit. CrossFit was the natural next Level in Fitness needed to keep training at LiveFit cutting edge.


Coaching is where I get the most satisfaction. Knowing I helped someone achieve a pull-up for the first time, get their first 50 unbroken double-unders or progress from a bar to plates is amazing. Even more rewarding though is knowing the people we coach at CrossFIt Griffith are able to have a better quality of life outside the Box.




COACH CLINT [Clint Sanders]

Coach Clint sought to further his passion in Health and Fitness by pursuing the functionality, strength and conditioning that CrossFit has to offer. He began CrossFit in early 2013, is a qualified CrossFit Coach and has excelled as a CrossFit athlete.


Coach Clint’s Qualifications include: Cert III & IV in Fitness (2011), CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course (2013).


I love how CrossFit can transform an ‘average joe’ transform into a confident athlete. I am passionate about helping people achieve those ‘fist pump’ moments.


CROSSFIT WOD STRENGTHS: Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells and Gymnastics (Even though his tall stature of 195cm tall makes some movements a challenge, proving CrossFit is for all shapes and sizes.)


CROSSFIT AIM: One day qualify for Regionals.