Have your Body Composition Analysed

Have your Body Composition Analysed

If you’re pursuing a training or weightless program then the InBody 230 Body Composition Analysis could be for you.

It accurately measures your body composition in less than a minute and tells you your muscle mass and body fat mass throughout your arms, legs and trunk. It becomes an imperative tool by showing if muscle mass has increased or decreased.

It also provides accurate information on your

• Weight
• Body Fat Percentage
• Muscle Mass
• Body Fat Mass
• Total Body Water
• Protein
• Body Mass Index
• Basil Metabolic Rate.

Our staff tested it and thought it was a great tool to track your weightloss and training progress.

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Sample InBody Scan
























You can get your scan from Yambil Street Special Centre, 125 Yambil St by
Amanda Mannes Dietitian/Nutritionist 0417 228 295

For more information about the InBody Composition Alalysis contact LiveFit team.



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