Personal Training


Do you have a specific goal to achieve or need motivation to exercise?

Do you enjoy being challenged or are you a results driven person?

Your health is suffering from years of neglect.

You have a weight loss goal.

You have a dream to run a marathon.

You are someone not seeing results with current training.

We could keep going but there are thousands of reasons why you need a Personal Trainer.

What can a Personal Trainer do for me? 

Imagine having a fully qualified fitness professional dedicated to getting you to your goal.

Our LiveFit Personal Trainers design workouts around your personal goals, going beyond simply motivating you to exercise and maximising your calorie expenditure. We bring you to the level of physical condition you desire, all while having fun. It makes getting maximum results in minimum time so much easier.

Be Motivated –  Have Fun –  More Energy – Lose Weight – Tone Up

Caution Personal Training causes Fitness

Why LiveFit Personal Trainers?

At LiveFit we have highly trained and motivated Personal Trainers that offer constantly varied functional training techniques that will get you on track for your personal fitness goals.

We take our training seriously here at LiveFit and we want you to achieve your goals and be the person you want to be. It’s all in a day’s work for one of LiveFit’s Personal Trainers who love seeing you happy with life.


Maximum Results…Minimum Time

Personal Training is the ideal option if you are new to exercise, lack confidence in the gym, aren’t seeing results from your own training or have sports specific goals. LiveFit Personal Trainers are fully qualified (Cert IV in Fitness) and have a broad range of experience.

Whether you want to lose weight, increase your fitness level, improve sport performance or recover from injury, we have an options to suit you. We even have options for couples/friends and groups of up to four people