What Is Soft Drink Really Doing To You?!

Its like the old saying “everything in moderation” but what is that one glass of soft drink really doing to your body and training? We are all guilty of that one glass of coke or a few sugary alcoholic beverages over the weekend, however, if we were to stop this what improvements would we see?! 

It is said that today by the time an average child in a developed country turns 8 years old they’ve had more sugar in their lives then the average person did in there entire lifetime just one century ago. This proves how much sugar is now apart of our lives and in almost everything we eat and drink that is processed. Especially that one can of soft drink in the fridge that is so tempting.


Why Soft Drink is so bad for your health:

  1. Can increase the severity of asthma
  2. Can lead to kidney stones and other renal problems
  3. Sugar over load can lead to a drop in mood
  4. Each soft drink consumed increase your chance of obesity by 1.6%
  5. Increases your chance of heart disease and risk of diabetes.
  6. Dissolves tooth enamel. 

For many of us 20% or more of our daily calorie intake is from the consumption of soft drink and other sugar drinks. These are unnecessary calories as these drink have no nutritional value and are a just a minute on lips, forever on the hips!! By cutting out sugary drinks your training benefits are almost automatically improved as this increases your chances of burning more calories then what you are putting in! 

But what are the effects of Soft Drinks on our training?

  1. Carbonated drinks cause bloating making exercise more difficult due to that feeling of ‘fullness‘ which interferes with your efficiency and in turn slows you down.
  2. The crash in blood sugar levels leaves you feeling weak and tired. 
  3. Hinders the ability to loose weight due to the high amount of calories.

If your wondering how your going to be able to kick the habit, here’s some tips:

  1. Fill a large bottle with water and carry this with you where ever you go.
  2. Flavor your water with lemon or cucumber slices to rid that ‘boredom’.
  3. Track your soft drink consumption everyday until you have removed it from your diet altogether!!




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