A spinning workout is an excellent way to burn some calories and relieve stress. The workout employs a stationary bike, which has various tension levels. The bike will also track your progress, so that you are motivated to continue and accomplish your fitness goals.

The Benefits:

  1. Burns about 500 calories per class
  2. Builds muscle tone
  3. Increases cardio endurance
  4. Low impact
  5. Reduced rick of injury
  6. Adjustable tempo
  7. Can be done all year round
  8. Defines and leans out your legs

Why YOU Should try:

  1. We have awesome instructors!!! (Shaz, Clint, Kim and Glen)
  2. Great if you only have a spare hour and you love bikes!
  3. Engages the entire body!!


  1. Wear moisture wicking clothing with breath-ability
  2. Bring water and a towel
  3. Arrive early! At least 5-10 mins
  4. Expect:
  • Climbs
  • Sprints
  • Varied resistance
  • Sweat.. A LOT

When is it on?!

Tuesday 9.15pm with SHAZ and 6pm with GLEN

Thursday 6am with KIM and 6.15pm with CLINT

Come down and give it a go!! Just a reminder that bookings are essential!! Call the front desk on 69645849 or email gym@livefit247.com

Check out Glen’s class:




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