Steve “Bundy’ McLean LiveFit’s Biggest Winner 2013

My lifestyle was slowly but surely killing me… I made a decision to change my life, and correct my unhealthy choices. A friend and I entered LiveFit’s Biggest Winner, and I saw this as an opportunity to turn things around.

My Story

Working away from home for almost five years, most nights were spent in motels or pubs. The lifestyle was slowly but surely killing me. I had previously had a heavy involvement in martial arts and had competed at the highest levels. I made a decision to change my life and secured employment that would see me at home more often, allowing me to persue my martial arts journey. The biggest stumbling block was my weight and fitness had both suffered due to my unhealthy choices. I was asked to do the Biggest Winner Challenge by a friend who also wanted to lose a few extra kilos, and I saw this as an opportunity to turn things around.


The Biggest Challenge

The most challenging part of the whole cycle was admitting that I had a problem. In fact I had more than 1. I was grossly overweight, my fitness was well below where it once was, and I was recovering from major shoulder surgery 8 months previous.

The rehab was slow and frustrating enough, let alone not knowing what I would be able to do again. Knowing how much to push without injury was always in the back of my mind, and any doubts or concerns were shared with the trainers, who would offer support or alternatives, to whatever was being done at the time.

My greatest succcess

My greatest success would have to be the weight lost and the level of fitness achieved in 12 weeks. Losing almost 31 kilos and completing events like Mud, Sweat and Beers are things that I never imagined would have been possible 6 months ago. I am now attending 3 to 4 Crossfit classes and up to 4 karate classes a week as well as cycling 100 km’s a week.
Medically, my cholesterol is at the lowest it has ever been, I am no longer at risk of diabetes, my blood pressure has returned to normal levels and I have full confidence in my shoulder again.

My thanks to LiveFit

None of my achievements would have been possible without the support, advice and encouragement formthe Team at Livefit. When needed, they were always more than willing to help.

The staff are always friendly and I have made many, many new friends and reacquainted with a few old friends too.

Steve Bundy McLean

LiveFit  Biggest Winner 2013



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