Why YOU Should Try Step Today


Come down and our Les Mills Body Step class a go today! Athletic and fun workout catering to all fitness levels!!! Step fitness aims at improving cardio and muscular endurance working both upper and lower body to improve coordination and agility!

Paula is bringing it to LiveFit tonight at 6pm! If you still need some more reasons to give it a go check these out:

  1. A 60 minute workout that has been compared to 7 miles of running- You do ‘step’ that much!! Making step fitness a great cardio workout!! 
  2. You are engaging and building your muscles making step also a great strength workout! 
  3. The high energy atmosphere leaves you with a feel good attitude making you want to come back for more!!
  4. Step can be considered a low impact exercise if done correctly- Step was created by an injured aerobics instructor who used steps in her rehabilitation!
  5. Burns around 500-600 calories a class!! Intense fat burning and increased heart rate!!!
  6. Step fitness is scalable weather you are a regular or a newbie step can be adjusted to suit your fitness levels!!


  1. Ditch the ‘I can’t step attitude- you will only get better in time!
  2. Start with a single set of rises. The class is much easier if your not worried about tripping over the step!!
  3. Don’t hide in the corner- you will want to be able to hear and see the instructor!

So come down and support Paula tonight and give it a go!!!!






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