Why CIRCUIT is perfect for YOU!!!

Circuit training consists of performing multiple exercises on multiple body parts in a row with little rest in between exertions.


  • Develops strength and endurance
  • Appropriate form of training for most sports
  • Can be adjusted to suit age, fitness and health of the athlete
  • Exercises are simple but effective
  • A wide range of exercises to keep you enthused.


Why should you try?

  • A necessary and welcome change from your normal workout routine
  • You will gain MAX results in minimum time
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • A whole body workout targeting most major muscle groups!!!

Our experienced trainers are always up to helping you establish the right technique and able to adjust the exercises to suit you.

When  is it on?

Tuesday: 4pm

Wednesday: 6am and 6.15pm

Thursday: 9.30am and 4pm

Whether you are looking for a challenge, to get fit or lose weight.. Circuit is for you!!!

Come down and give it a go!!! 

Check out Shazza’s Circuit class for an idea of whats involved:



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